Our environmental value proposition

The PETER FUCHS TECHNOLOGY GROUP AG is a global leader in design and manufacturing of common rail components for diesel injection in high-speed running large engines. Our innovative high pressure technologies make an essential contribution to the the reduction of emissions and consumption in such diesel engines. Accordingly, we contribute directly to the global environmental protection. In all our operational activities, we strive to optimize our use of natural resources and to prevent pollution.


Our action today determines the future state of the earth. Our actions will be measured and evaluated by our descendants with respect to our impact to the environment. Accordingly we want to develop an environementally sustainable business and take responsibility towards the environment and future generations.


We regularly monitor and evaluate the environmental impact of our current and planned activities. Our minimal standard is such that it meets legal requirements and those of our customer. Through specific goals and corresponding programs we improve our environmental performance systematically and continuously.


We prefer business partners, which place a high priority in environmental protection. We promote environmental awareness of our employees through specific training and we encourage participation of our employees by taking up their ideas and opinions.


We consider the entire life-cycle of our products and develop environment friendly procedures and technologies. We hold recyclable raw materials internally and externally in the circuit and provide a process for the refurbishment of components that are at the end of their cycle. This process is performed by remanufacturing parts instead of scrapping them. Thereby, minimizing the need for raw materials and energy to produce new parts, which in turn results in a substantial reduction of waste and CO2 emissions.


We identify on a regular basis potential risks to the environment arising from our business. We take appropriate actions in order to prevent damage to the environment and for emergency precautions