Precision and durability are our assets

The fabrication of high pressure components for diesel injection places increasing -manufacturing and materials related - demands with respect to sealing and mechanical integrity under pulsating stresses. Tightness and durability of a Common-Rail system basically demands a high precision machining that provides a fine and defect-free surface of the highly stressed areas. With respect to that the application of modern gun drilling methods for the manufacturing of high pressure lines and accumulators as well as the application of modern CNC manufacturing for machining of the connection geometries provides good conditions.


Two refining methods play a key role for the realisation of a maximally high durability. It's on one hand the autofrettage (overpressure pre-stressing), which provides a controlled introduction of compressive stresses within lines and Common-Rails and, on the other hand, the electrochemical machining (ECM), that provides an effective rounding of macroscopic notches at internal locations that are not accessible with mechanical machining methods.


Finally, the reliable use of high pressure components for diesel injection is provided by verification of the tightness of the connections and of the mechanical integrity of the Common-Rail systems under working conditions. The development and application of special test rigs, operating under high static and pulsating pressures is a further main pillar in our technology portfolio.