Tube bending

The high-pressure tubes between the high-pressure pump and the injection nozzles are bent to the correct shape using CNC tube-bending machines. Utilization of modern tube bending technology facilitates the flexible design of tubes with many bends as well as the efficient production of these tubes in small and large quantities.


The close dimensional tolerances of curved tubes, needed to prevent clashes within the dense engine layout, are ensured by the use of optical 3D measurement systems and by inspection gauges (figure right).


Three CNC pipe bending machines, located at FUCHS DIESEL COMPONENTS PRODUCTION in Henggart, now produce pipes with an outside diameter of up to 30 mm and a length of up to 3300 mm in the optimum shape. Effective routines in the design and manufacture of inspection gauges today permit us to quickly and flexibly implement customized and cost-effective solutions.