Pressure testing

Pressure testing verifies the leak tightness of the system at high operating pressures. This concerns the leak tightness of the connecting geometries and also the function of safety and flow regulating valves. These tests are to be carried out on each component and for each sealing surface during batch production.


The leak test of the connections on the Common-Rail is carried out by pressing a specifically defined connection fitting and using internal pressures of approximately 1.5 times the operating pressure. In each case, verification is carried out by pressure measurements. Verification for safety valves, where the maximum fuel flow is limited, is performed by using additional flow measurements.


Over the last 20 years a comprehensive pressure management system has been developed by FUCHS DIESEL COMPONENTS PRODUCTION in Henggart that enables flexible and efficient inspection of rail connections, constant flow regulators and safety valves, as well as completely assembled Common-Rail systems.